Rape is bad, but being a keypunch operator is worse

Yep, that’s what my reaction was too. 

This is a report from Dr. H.E. Baber, a  philosophy professor at the University of San Diego and occasional Guardian columnist.

She (that’s right, she) asserts that whilst rape is bad, it is not as bad as being killed in your prime, being crippled, or enslaved, or spending 40 hours a week in a menial job.  Allegedly, “to be compelled to do such work is to be harmed in the most serious way”, according to Dr. Baber, writing in the section ‘Working is worse than being raped’.


Rape … is bad in part because it deprives the victim of some degree of freedom, being compelled to work is worse in this regard insofar as it chronically deprives the victim of the minimal amount of freedom requisite to the pursuit of other important interests which are conducive to their well-being


…rape per se, merely [mhm…merely] violates the victim’s sexual integrity.  The work that most women do however violates their integrity as intellectual beings [thus clearly much worse…]

It wouldn’t be so bad if this was written by some uneducated buffoon of a man, but rather this is a professor, who is esteemed enough to be given space in the Guardian.  It really knocked me back.

Worth reading for its sheer increduility, the report can be found here

And while you’re at it, you might as well lose all your faith in women’s rights worldwide by reading that one in seven in Pakistan the UK believe women should be hit for wearing revealing clothes in public, or that it’s ok to slap your wife if she’s spending too much money in Saudi Arabia or that in Afghanistan, a Shiite man should have sex with his wife at least once every 4 days, whether she agrees or not.

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