No more

I’m sad to be reposting this. It was first a reaction to the three murders of Stephen Carroll, Mark Quinsey and Patrick Azminkar in March 2009, but is relevant, sadly, once more in light of today’s murder in Omagh.


No more.

We will not be dragged backwards. We will not let the good name of our Province be used as a byword for terrorism no more. We will not stand idle while bastards try to rip down our peace, we will not simply watch as they indoctrinate children and rape this country of its fragile unity. We will not be known as the generation who allowed this to return

Nor will we retaliate.

We will let these cowards know that there is no home here for their attitudes, no refuge for their methods.


One Response to No more

  1. Trout says:

    No. No. No. Agreed and RIP. I hope the big brave boys who did this are proud of themselves. X

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