Porn website operator charged with recruiting underage girls through social networking

June 18, 2011

In Arizona this week, police have arrested a man charged with multiple child pornography-related offenses. Antonio Adrian ‘Gonzo’ Gonzalez, 28, operated two adult websites and photographed himself in sex acts with underage girls.

Police said that they had received a number of complaints about Gonzalez’s business, accusing him of using social network services and email to contact underage girls for his websites and sexual purposes.

Gonzalez admitted to police that he knew the ages of the 16 and 17-year-old victims before he made deals. He was arrested on suspicion of sexual exploitation involving minors, furnishing obscene material to minors, sexual misconduct with minors and sexual abuse.


Gonzalez, as multiple sources have confirmed to Phoenix’s New Times, is the main recruiter for the website Backroom Casting Couch, one of the websites which Gonzalez tried to lure underage girls into appearing on, and its ‘star’, herpe-plagued Eric Whitaker,

According to court documents obtained by New Times, in April of 2010, Gonzalez invited a 17-year-old girl to his house at 8854 South Grandview Drive in Tempe, Arizona, to pose for photographs she could use in a portfolio.

During the shoot, Gonzalez tried to pull the girl’s skirt down and asked her take some nude photos. The girl declined, but that didn’t stop ‘Gonzo’. Despite the girl shooting down his advances, Gonzalez pulled her onto his lap and tried to untie the bikini top she was wearing. She again told him she wasn’t interested, yet after getting shot down twice by the girl, Gonzalez, court documents state, ‘forced the girl’s hand onto his erect penis.’

The girl again told him she wasn’t interested in anything sexual. Gonzalez responded by taking the girl to his computer and showing her photos of him having sex with a girl the victim knew to be under 19. In fact, it turns out the girl in the photos having sex with Gonzalez was only 16 at the time


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Another victim of Gonzalez and Whitaker’s is Elizabeth Hawkenson, who  agreed to do some modeling so she could pay for school at Arizona State University, but was hounded about how much more money she could make if she made a ‘reality’ porn film with Whitaker.

Hawkenson finally agreed — on the condition that the video would only appear on the part of the website people had to pay to see, with the assumption that not too many people would ever see it, but the video of Whitaker having sex with Hawkenson was submitted to free, highly trafficked porn sites.

The humiliation, she says, was so embarrassing that she dropped out of school after only a few weeks and left Arizona for good. Her video, however, lives on at the Backroom Casting Couch website.


Eric Whitaker, the ‘star’ of Backrooom Casting Couch, posted on his Twitter page last month the results of his STD test, revealing that he tested positive for herpes simplex I — the more common of the two types of the virus.


Knowingly transmitting an STD — in most states — is illegal, and anyone who does so can be criminally charged with battery, negligence, or the intentional inflection of emotional distress.

Arizona is not one of those states. However, ‘courts may consider the intentional transmission of an STD to be an aggravated assault’ in states like Arizona, and have done so recently in Texas.


This post was sourced from adult industry news site and It is noticably missing from major news outlets.